Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Tuesday, August 15th

I am recovering from a rather intense week of caring and tending to grandchildren and parents almost everyday, this after my husband and I returned from a long weekend in the mountains where we readied our retreat for house guests.  The week was a juggle between taking children and father out to meals and appointments and nestled in between visiting my mother almost daily.  The weekend was no better, full of obligations.  The children were off on vacation and we only had the dog to care for.  Visits on both Saturday and Sunday just dragged me down some more.  My mother expressed a desire to "go home" (presumably to Chicago, away from Denver.)  That did it for me.  Monday I took care of financial stuff and bookkeeping but did yoga, ran, read and enjoyed my day away from them both.  I love them dearly, but you know, sometimes you need a little distance.

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