Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flu Shots

Ok.  So the retirement community where my folks live isn't perfect.  It still does its best to service its residents.  Take, for example, flu shots.  Walgreens, it seems will be offering flu shots for all residents.  All it takes is filling out a form and showing up.  For my mom, they will come to her.  For my dad, he'll have to go to them.  A few glitches.  First, Mom's form is filled out by someone else and they leave off her Medicare number.  Then they can't find the file with her Medicare number on it.  Can I get a copy to them in the next forty minutes to meet the deadline?  Then my Dad's shot is scheduled for the Jewish holidays.  How's that for timing?  Right idea, not particularly well executed, but I'm grateful that they try.

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