Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life Goes On

Can't believe it's been ten days since my last post.  I think we're settling into a pattern, though Mom has been under the weather for the last several days.  In the last ten days I've only received three phone calls from Mom's dementia unit, one about her being sick, one about the doctor's report and one about the need for bringing her a new toothbrush.  (In her unit, there is no such thing as personal items!) In between, I visit her and see for myself that she's not feeling well.   I've taken Dad to his weekly bridge game, gone shopping for him, filled a pill prescription, done his laundry and taken him with us to the mountains where he and my husband have watched marathon football games and only stopped for my meals which are anything but gourmet.  At least once a week one of my parents' friends will call to find out about Mom and Dad and to fill me in on the latest incidents that are happening to them.  Two of my parents' friends fell, one is in rehab with a broken wrist, the other has two broken vertebrae.  We are getting ready for the Jewish high holidays.  I've got Dad writing New Year's cards to his friends, and I'm making Mom's traditional plum cake for her dementia unit.  Then I've been anointed by my son to make the Break the Fast dinner for the family.  In between I packed up the mountain kitchen and am trying to finalize the plans for the remodel.  Life goes on.

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