Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Ugly Tuesday

On Monday the cleaning lady at my father's apartment found a bedbug in Dad's bedroom and we were instructed that on Tuesday, the cleaning crew would come to the apartment and remove all linens, have a pest control company spray and would then have everything back in order by 2:30 in the afternoon.  I'm in a funk over the bedbug stuff and so I decide I'm going to go easy on my chores for the day.  I have to find a restaurant for my cousins and us to eat at before we go to the theater that night which I do on Open Table.   I work out as usual, then shower and dress, call my cousin and tell him to drive separately because I have this bedbug situation.  Dutifully I arrive at my father's apartment at 10:30 where as instructed I pick everything up off the floor before taking Dad back to the house.  Dad spends the day grunting before the television and reading a few pages in his book except for when I feed him lunch.  I do chores around the house and walk our children's dog who is staying with us while our son is in Colorado Springs on business.  I even take a short nap.  I am concerned because we have received a phone call from the theater warning us that there are some street closures because President Obama is in town.  As predicted, the weather turns cold and it starts to rain around 4:00 as I am taking Dad back to his apartment.  Of course, the apartment is in complete disarray when we arrive.  There are no linens.  The boxsprings and mattresses are off the frames and the couch is still torn apart.  I call the front desk and housekeeping.  Soon after they arrive and try to put things back together.  The pillows are still wet so we have to borrow two pillows from another apartment.  At 4:45, I finally leave after my father thanks me and I tell him I don't mind but could he please try a little harder to be happy?  I'm fine on the street to downtown until I get mid-way.  My cousins call to tell me they are already seated at the restaurant.  They took the light rail.  Smart people.  I call my husband and leave a message to order me a big fat glass of wine and dinner at the restaurant so we won't be late.  Then I begin a series of jigs and jogs through downtown. I try to call my cousin and discover I don't have his cell number.  I accidentally call my daughter-in-law who calls me back and tells me she has to have her gall bladder out and in addition to taking her and the kids out to dinner tomorrow night, could I come at 7:00 tomorrow morning and help her get the kids ready for school.  Every street to the theater and the restaurant is blocked by a bus and a police car.  It seems the president's hotel is adjacent to the theater and the restaurant.  I finally turn into a parking lot that shows up miraculously, not the one I usually go to for ten bucks.  This one is fifteen.  Two women are ahead of me to pay for their stalls at the pay station.  They're having trouble paying for each of their cars.  I hold the umbrella for the second one, the first one finally makes her payment, then the second lady makes her payment and then it's my turn.  I then have to take the receipt back to the car (the furthest away I could have been from the pay station) and then scurry over to the restaurant.  Altogether I am more than a half hour late and my husband who has sprained his foot and is wearing a soft shoe is still not there.  I go to pick up my phone to find out where he is.  (He's also stranded in the traffic).  It seems I don't have my phone.  I left it in the car.  My husband arrives concurrently, we rush through dinner....oh, that wine tastes soooo good and then we're off to the play.  It's wonderful, so worth all that it took to get there.

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