Friday, November 11, 2011

Hurricane One

The last week and a half or so has been such a complete hurricane.   The retirement home has a new executive director and in the space of his short time span, he has extended an edict to get all paper work in order, a few pieces of which I had let go.  He has also been notified of Dad's ennui and has put personalized living on his case to try and "integrate him into the community."  In short time, I have had to get Keith to transfer Mom's medical power of attorney to me, meet with the director of personalized living, fill out twenty pages of forms for Dad, and get Mom to sign off on the POA.  (I prayed she would be in the mood to sign off and write her name).  That all being the background, the week started with making the half hour trip down to the shade place to go over the specs once more for our mountain kitchen remodel since I thought the salesperson wasn't focusing on my order.  I made the appointment, drove the half hour and she didn't show.  She had "spaced."  I was livid and read the entire mega thousand foot store the riot act.  Then  it was Halloween, and I, of course, wanted to take Zeca over to the senior home to show him off in his zebra costume which he wore without the ears because they "kept falling down."  Hoping to carry on a tradition, I had already made Halloween cookies with him on the weekend.  Then I had to try to finish my book club book.  The book was Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken  and it was miserable reading about what the Japanese did to American prisoners of war and totally depressed me.  I was also trying to get ready to go to Arizona for the weekend to see Keith's sister and brother-in-law since my brother-in-law is quite ill and we hadn't seen them for a long time.  On the Thursday before the Friday when we were to leave, my day was the following:  workout (my personal trainer insisted I get in my second session originally scheduled for the Friday when I was leaving), copy all personalized living papers along with the orders for giving Mom and Dad extra care while we were away, go to book club (another half hour drive), pick up lamps (another forty-five minute trip there and back) to take up to the mountains for the kitchen on the Monday after we returned from Arizona, bring them back to the house and trade cars, have a bite of lunch in fifteen minutes (Keith shows up unexpectedly and I growl at him), go to the manicurist, and meet Keith and my father at my mother's so the business officer at the retirement facility can notarize the change of Power of Attorney.  That is about five more activities than I like to have in a day.  When it was over, we went back up to Dad's apartment for a glass of wine.  Dad suggested we then dine at his place.  We accepted since I had nothing prepared for dinner.  I  did have a few glasses of wine before we went to the dining room.

We sit down in the dining room in a visible spot.  We ordered and then I proceeded to the salad bar.  I brought back my plate and started to sit and the chair which has rollers in the front rolled back and I fell straight down, hitting my head solidly on the wood chair and my butt on the floor.  The salad and plate were strewn all around me.  The rest of the octegenarians in the room looked for a moment, and without missing a beat went back to their meals, I assume grateful it wasn't them.  The cleaning crew moved in quickly, and the dining room director came over with a bunch of free meal coupons.  My head was bleeding and I could feel the inch and a half gash in the back of my head plus it hurt.  I went to the bathroom and tried to clean up the blood.  Keith stood outside the rest room waiting to see if we were going to the emergency room.  I insisted on normality and returned to eat my entire meal which Dad relished including his chocolate mousse dessert.  He seemed unperturbed by my fall.  We went home and I appled cold compresses.  Keith wrapped my head to hopefully close the wound.  Our plane was at 8:00 am on Friday and we were running out of time.  I woke up at four, and somehow or another managed to shower, dress, pack and leave.  I was so grateful that I was away for the weekend.  I vowed to once again cut down on my activities and try to figure out how to better balance my new life.

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