Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sooo Tired

Today is the first day in over three weeks that I have been able to stay home and relax.  It's kind of nice because I'm somewhat snowed in and my one appointment canceled and Keith decided to try and fight the storm to get to work.  For the last three weeks we've been on an entire merry-go-round trying to get the mountain kitchen remodel done, take care of my folks, children, grandchildren, children's dog, prepare for Thanksgiving, and deal with two funerals and follow the sudden illness of Keith's sister.  I haven't had time to return phone calls to my son's in-laws or to make more than a perfunctory phone call to a friend who broke her sternum.  In the meantime my eye won't stop twitching and I did serious damage to my pointer finger when attempting to move our grandson's port-a-crib upstairs.

Thanksgiving went something like the following.  My cousin from LA came to visit ten days before Thanksgiving.  For a while he went to Canon City for work and visited his other cousins in Denver.  In between he hung with us until his wife came and they headed down to Colorado Springs before heading up to Vail for the holiday.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, Keith and I journeyed up to the mountains to put the kitchen back together in preparation for our first Thanksgiving in the new kitchen.   We returned on Monday and left again on Tuesday.  In between I grocery shopped several times and cooked and froze the scalloped potatoes and gravy base.  On Tuesday my father, Keith and I journeyed up to Vail where our cousins were already comfortably situated in their Vail hotel.  In this order, we go out to dinner on Tuesday night, I cook on Wednesday, my cousins cook late on Wednesday, I make dinner for the five of us on Wednesday, then cook on Thursday and have a really nice dinner.  The kids come early on Friday, I repeat the dinner on Friday.  On Saturday Keith hitches a ride back to Denver with my cousins so he can catch a plane to Chicago for his Aunt's funeral and to visit his sister.  My father and I stay on in Vail with the kids until Sunday.  Steve takes us all to dinner on Saturday night.  That is just so great for me.  I enjoy sharing a half liter of margaritas with him.  Dad and I come back Sunday and Dad takes me to lunch.  I then collapse and try to recover for the next day when the second round of pest control takes place in my father's apartment.

Here is the day after Thanksgiving in summary:
8:00 am - call from the security system in Vail.  The alarm went off.  We dispatch the police.
Call the cleaning lady, the contractor, and the alarm company to look over the situation.  None was there to trip the alarm.
Send cleaning lady over and she trips the alarm again.
Text niece to find out how my sister-in-law is doing.
Cleaning lady calls back to say all is well and she thinks the fed ex packages tripped the alarm.
Go to Target for bedbug covers.  While in Target, niece calls back with an update on my sister-in-law.
Go to my father's residence to prepare for pest control.
See the Executive Director who dispatches Housekeeping to Dad's apartment to coordinate with pest control.  The little buggers have returned in full force, she says.
Take home all of my fathers' laundry to wash at high temperatures.  Housekeeping takes the bed linens.
Confer with pest control twice.
Dad chooses to eat in his dining room and remain on the premises.  Thank God.
I pack up the laundry, get into the elevator on the 16th floor and proceed to get stuck with the Housekeeper.  After several minutes, the maintenance man rescues us.  I wait for the one of three remaining elevator that is operating and when it doesn't come, I walk down 16 flights of stairs with the two laundry bags.
I have my first glass of wine of the day at 2:00 and just keep drinking.

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