Thursday, May 24, 2012

In a Holding Pattern

After a few days of walks in the nice sunshine and my father in a relatively good mood, yesterday, a cooler, cloudy and rainy day was not so good.  Dad wasn't happy that I had to take him downstairs for a haircut or with the fact that my husband and I could not stay for the beginning of the five o'clock ballgame because we had to babysit for our grandchildren.  The caregiver's report from the prior day indicated that Dad went for a walk and sat outside in the pavillion for a while, but judging from the fact that Dad did not answer my phone calls, I knew he wasn't happy with me despite what I considered to be a good report.

This has been a bad week for me in Dad’s assisted living unit. First, there were no more trousers left in his closet with four days to go before the laundry was done. Part of this problem was that Dad kept needing new trousers. The other part was that at least two pairs were missing. My answer was to wash the trousers in the laundry room though I pay for assisted living to do it and then go on a search for the missing trousers. The search produced no results and means that I must add purchasing new trousers to my never ending to do list.

Then I went to charge Dad’s cell phone. I keep the charger in the kitchen portion of Dad’s tiny apartment. It is officially missing. Noone knows where it is. Guess what I do today? Go to the Verizon store and buy another charger.”

Today I have scheduled a volunteer from the Jewish Family Service to pay Dad a call.  The idea is to introduce him to a person who could fill in as companion.

Dad doesn't like anyone else but my husband me around, but to be honest, when we get a break, we feel so much better.  So whether Dad likes it or not, he's stuck with those we hire to fill in for us.

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