Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing my new book, "The Takeover: An Unexpected Caregiver's Story"

It has been more than two years since both of my parents have passed away, and I have just completed writing "The Takeover: An Unexpected Caregiver's Story" about my experience of moving them to Denver and caring for them until they passed away.

As I say in the preface of my book, it is a book that I wish I could have read "when I began the difficult task of caregiving for both of my elderly parents at the age of 90 and 95."

The book focuses on both my mom and dad and on me as their caregiver as well as those around me who also were impacted by my new role.

I think it's an upbeat book that shows the highs and lows of this period of life that many of us will face.   It's about coping and it's also about how one naive person navigated the very complicated world of eldercare.

I invite you all to read the book.  Starting Friday, September 11th, the e-book will be available at  It will also be available on and starting the week after.

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